vendredi 28 septembre 2012

ILLUSTRATION: Picture Book n°17

Voici le dernier Picture-Book à télécharger au format PDF.
To view the 17th edition of Picturebook, download the PDF (13.4 Mo).

«What is Picture Book?
Picturebook is an annual publication that targets the children's illustration market. The distribution list for Picturebook includes toy and game manufactures, ad agencies, trade and educational publishers, greeting card companies and animation houses. Our web site features unique search engines that can target keywords, artists, agents, styles and much more.
Picturebook was created in 1996 by Amy Gary and Cyd Moore. As an artist, Cyd seemed to think that her advertising dollars were going nowhere. She had been advertising in some of the other sourcebooks for years, but the majority of the calls she received were from ad agencies and not specializing in the children’s area. She wanted to make children's books and products.
Amy Gary, who had worked in the licensing world for years and is the agent for the Margaret Wise Brown estate, always wanted an easier way to find artists for her projects, which were mostly targeted to the children’s industry. After talking to Cyd, the two created Picturebook to make it easier for art buyers who specialize in the children’s industry to find artwork that fit their projects».
© PictureBook 17ED front cover: Copyright 2012 Victor Tavares

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