lundi 22 août 2011

ILLUSTRATION: The Complete Guide to Drawing Cartoons…

Découvrez le livre de 512 pages "The Complete Step-by-step Guide to Drawing Cartoons, Manga and Anime: Expert Techniques and Projects, Shown in More Than 2000 Illustrations" de Ivan Hissey, Curtis Tappenden, Tim Seeling, Yishan Li et Rik Nicol, à paraître en octobre 2011.

«This dynamic book provides a detailed guide to drawing your own cartoons traditionally and digitally. Divided into two sections, the first, Drawing Cartoons, provides guidance from how to show a range of facial expressions to drawing hands, feet, shoes and clothing. It also explains the importance of viewpoint, perspective, lighting, scale, focus and mood. The second section, Drawing Manga, begins by explaining the rules of designing manga characters, such as drawing features such as eyes and hair, and how to define gender, age, good or evil. There are special features on genres such as shojo and shonen, and super-deformed manga characters in both hand-drawn and digital mediums, as well as on anime which includes how to transform your drawings into live-action cartoons. With over 2500 inspiring drawings and 150 step-by-step exercises and projects, this practical book is an easy-touse guide, which will show you how to produce your own amazing cartoons».

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