dimanche 1 mai 2011

ILLUSTRATION: The Art Journal Workshop…

Découvrez le livre de pages "The Art Journal Workshop: Break Through, Explore, and Make It Your Own" de Traci Bunkers, à paraître début mai 2011.

«Many people want to express themselves through visual journaling, but are stuck or intimidated with how to get started, what to write, or how to move beyond gluing down a few images or putting some paint on the paper».

«This book breaks down the entire working process of journaling with step-by-step photos and instructions from start to finish: how to use different media such as paint, photographs, and collage, and contains journaling prompts and exercises. These exercises help readers dig deeper to enrich the journaling process and experience. The book discusses the benefits of visual journaling, and includes exercises about what to do when you are in a creative funk or feeling down or uninspired, and how to help yourself out of it».

«The book includes a DVD featuring Traci Bunkers creating many of the visual journal pages shown throughout the book. This visual guide enhances the information in the book, showing her work process in a way that goes beyond what can be captured in still photographs or through text».

«About the author:
Traci Bunkers is a passionate and quirky self-employed mixed-media and journal artist living in Lawrence, Kansas. “I love rusty things, glitter glue, old books to cut up and cheap cameras. I'm smiling when my hands are dirty with paint or when I've altered a camera or something to use as a printing tool. It means I'm doing what I love—making art and doing things with my hands. Lucky for me, I do what I love for a living.” Even though the DIY and repurposing life styles are now in vogue, for this self-proclaimed love child of MacGyver, reusing and repurposing have always been her way of life as a creative way to problem solve and make ends meet. Through her one-woman business Bonkers Handmade Originals, she sells her nifty creations such as hand-dyed spinning fibers and yarns, original rubber stamps, handmade books, knits and original artwork. She also creates an artzine called Tub Legs, designs knitwear, and is a knitting, spinning, and crochet technical editor. She has been teaching workshops across the US since the early 90s and her visual journal pages, artwork, and knit designs have been published in numerous books and magazines. To learn more about her work, visit her web site at www.TraciBunkers.com».

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