mercredi 13 avril 2011

ILLUSTRATION: Photoshop Creative n°73

Actuellement en kiosque au Royaume-Uni, et disponible sur le Net à la commande, voici le dernier numéro du magazine Photoshop Creative.

Avec au sommaire :
- Understand the Layers palette: Discover how layers can be turned into image-editing fiends
- Control your channels: In-depth guide to fixing colours with the Channel Mixer
- How to use Photomerge: Learn to stitch photos together for stunning panoramas
- Tile mosaic effect: Give photos a mosaic makeover with brushes, styles and masks
- Create a Wanted poster
- Scan resources for scrapbooks
- Make a ghost
- Fixing exposure
- Using the Animation palette
- Light leak photo effect
- Latest Photoshop news
- Creative products reviewed
- Common questions answered

Free with this issue...
71 minutes of video tutorials
198 decorative brushes
48 high-res photos and textures
15 sky gradients
Vector sets and photo-editing action

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