samedi 5 mars 2011

ILLUSTRATION: Digital Artist n°17

«Digital Artist is the only digital art magazine to cover all styles and genres of digital art and all the software used to create it. Whether you’re into illustration, digital painting or design you’re guaranteed to find a host of inspiring features, tutorials and interviews from the most exciting names in the digital art world. Every issue of Digital Artist is packed with the latest news and trends from the creative community worldwide. Its specialised tutorials from industry experts explain the techniques you need to create high quality, professional artwork in a range of creative styles, while a unique real media section focuses on building your essential drawing and compositional skills. Each issue also comes with a packed resource CD featuring a stunning selection of resources that are free for you to use in your own creative projects».

Au somaire du dernier numéro, disponible à la vente sur le site officiel :
• Paint Manga!
• Design a typeface: Decorative lettering tips and tricks
• How to paint eyes
• Create using monochrome: Use shades and tints
• Work with cardboard textures in 3D illustration
• Create a poster in primary colours with Jack Teagle, etc.

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