dimanche 27 février 2011

ILLUSTRATION: Heather Fonseca

C'est en faisant une recherche sur les nouvelles poupées Moxie Teenz que j'ai découvert Heather Fonseca, américaine, illustratrice et designer de mode (pour certaines poupées!). Vous pouvez lire son BLOG et ainsi voir plus d'illustration.

Heather Fonseca is a fashion illustrator and freelance doll designer living and blogging in Los Angeles. She said: «My name is Heather Fonseca. I am a fashion designer and illustrator. I also design teen fashion dolls, like Barbie. I was one of those kids who was always drawing. When I grew up I entered Otis College of Art and Design and majored in Fashion Design. Not too long after graduating I landed an amazing job – designing clothes for the doll I had spent so much time playing with as a kid - Barbie! While at Mattel I created everything from the yearly low-priced bathing suit doll for little girls to expensive flights of fancy for the adult collector. I designed dolls that were dressed in the most up-to-date fashions and some that were inspired by historical costumes of the world. Since leaving Mattel I have worked for a number of toy companies designing dolls on a freelance basis. I’ve also been busy inventing new doll concepts, creating new fashion illustrations, and blogging about design...».

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Heather Fonseca a dit…

Thank you so much for linking my site! I just did those designs for fun and for my portfolio. I'm glad you like them!