samedi 8 janvier 2011

ILLUSTRATION: Photoshop Creative n°69

Actuellement en kiosque au Royaume Uni, et en vente online, le dernier numéro de l'excellent magazine Photoshop Creative, n°69.

Avec au sommaire :
• Discover the Art History tool: How this tool can make any photo look like a piece of art
• Make your own scrapbook resources: Easy ways of whipping up templates, brushes, papers and more
• Complete guide to cloning: Improve your Cone Stamp skills today
• Enhance tones with Dodge and Burn: Learn how these tools can boost tones and contrast
- Using the Gradient tool
- Save images for the web
- Create surreal images
- Get imaginative with the Blur filters
- Use the Color Range command
- Improve images with the Photo Filter
- Mosaic creation with actions
- Creative composites
- 136 minutes of video tutorials
- 220 Photoshop brushes
- 30 reference photos
- 16 fantastic layer styles
- Actions, textures and a robot creation pack!

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