samedi 27 novembre 2010

ILLUSTRATION: Photoshop Creative n°68

Actuellement en kiosque au Royaume Uni, et en vente online, le dernier numéro de l'excellent magazine Photoshop Creative, n°68.

Avec au sommaire :
«Create your own van Gogh: Think that it’s difficult to paint in Photoshop? Think again, as we show how easy it is to transform a sketch into a van Gogh-inspired masterpiece.
Restore old photos fast!: Perform some imaging first aid on damaged photos with this in-depth feature.

Bring some Thirties style to your portraits with our tutorial on dramatic lighting.

Make a digital moon and turn any landscape photo into a beautiful moonlit vista.
Et aussi : Latest Photoshop news. Gallery pages and reader profile. Interview with a Photoshop professional. Tutorial for fixing photos. Learn how to use glow effects on pet portraits. Create and save actions. Make text out of stars. Work with the Hue/Saturation command. Get to grips with Channels. Creative products reviewed, including a green screen kit and a cosmic plug-in. 341 free resources on the disc!. 140 minutes of video tutorials, covering texture brushes and restoring old photos. 60 images from iStockphoto. 252 brushes. 20 textures...

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