lundi 25 octobre 2010

ILLUSTRATION: Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel

Découvrez l'illustratrice allemande Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel, qui vit à Kiel dans le nord de l'Allemagne. Née en 1965, elle aime dessiner depuis qu'elle est enfant. Elle dessine dans des carnets Moleskine et ses pages sont visibles à Flickr, dans différents groupes dont elle est membre, mais surtout : One Page at a Time.
Si vous voulez en faire partie, voici les consignes : «A group to share images of the pages inside your Moleskine notebooks: artwork, writing, whatever creative expression you are up to between the unassuming black covers of your Moleskine notebook or sketchbook. Please limit your postings to images from the INSIDE of your notebooks, not images (however inspiring) of your notebooks from the outside».

She said : «I can't remember that I've been drawing after finishing my diploma thesis in 1996, since I discovered my first Moleskine Pocket Diary in 2001. I bought it, and first I used it just for inscribing my dates and a short summary of my day, but some day I began to do some drawings from things I've bought or from experiences which I made this day. I had fun with my drawings, because for one thing there was no pressure and nobody told me that my drawings are ugly. I did it just for me. And for another thing I noticed that it was more joyful to browse through an illustrated journal than through a written journal, and it was so much more easy to remember a day when I saw the drawing. So I kept the new habit to draw into my moleskine pocket diary - sometimes a little bit more, sometimes a little bit less. It depends on how many time and leisure I've got. In 2005 I discovered flickr and noticed that there are so many other Moleskine victims who use to draw into their Moleskines. For a few months I was just an observer and was so amazed about all those drawings and the different styles. And the most pleasant was that the people had fun and it isn't their priority to show only absolutely perfect drawings. So I dared to load up some of my moleskine drawings, because I didn't want to be just a profiteer of all those incitements and ideas which I got from the moleskine artists. For everybody who doesn't know if he or she is talented enough I can recommend: Stop the rumination, start a project. Don't doubt about if your scrapbook or your illustrated journal will become good. It will become good if you have fun with it».


«Le Moleskine est le carnet légendaire qui accompagna les artistes et les intellectuels européens des deux derniers siècles : de Van Gogh à Matisse, d’Ernest Hemingway à Bruce Chatwin qui avaient toujours des “Moleskines” dans leur sac de voyage pour leur usage personnel et en offraient à leurs amis. Fabriqué à l’origine par des artisans français puis introuvable durant des années, le Moleskine est de retour, connaissant un succès international et devenant un symbole du nomadisme contemporain.Idéal pour les croquis. Papier blanchi sans chlore. Couverture rigide noire en Moleskine. Elastique de fermeture. Pochette à soufflet en dos de couverture intérieure. Fabriqué en Italie».

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