samedi 21 août 2010

ILLUSTRATION: Sarah Waterhouse

Découvrez la désigner textile Sarah Waterhouse, qui travaille et vit à Sheffield, en Grande-Bretagne. Elle crée des textiles peints à la main (méthode de sérigraphie), d'après ses illustrations.

Pour découvrir ses créations, voir son BLOG, sa boutique en ligne à ETSY, sans oublier son SITE.
«Sarah Waterhouse Textiles is a textile design and printing company where all fabric is printed by hand in a small studio in Sheffield, England. The company is run by Sarah Waterhouse who designs all the collections and prints every piece of fabric by hand using water based inks, on to environmentally friendly fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton».

She said: «All my items are environmentally friendly and hand printed using water based inks on unbleached cottons or organic fabrics. All my fabrics designs are original designs by me, Sarah Waterhouse».

Intéressé(e) par cette méthode d'impression, voici deux livres - un en français et un en anglais, sur cette technique.

Découvrez le livre de 96 pages "Impressions sur tissus" de Véronique Payan-Isabey, paru en septembre 2003. Véritable best-seller, il s'est déjà vendu sur à plus de 321 578 exemplaires.

«Pour s’initier à l’impression des tissus, cet ouvrage montre le large éventail des possibilités offertes par les peintures et les teintures actuellement disponibles sur le marché. Les gestes de base ainsi que les différentes réalisations sont expliqués en détail, pas à pas et accompagnés de photographies en couleur ou de schémas».


Découvrez le livre de 144 pages "Printing by Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing With Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screens" de Lena Corwin et Thayer Allyson Gowdy pour les photographies, paru en août 2008.

«It’s the natural inconsistencies—the accidental differences between one finished piece and another—that make hand-printed fabrics, papers, furniture, and works of art so interesting. The quirks are what show the maker’s intimate involvement in the process, and it’s that unique quality that first attracted textile designer and illustrator Lena Corwin to hand-printing. nbsp; Even though decorative prints are more in vogue than ever, there was until now no up-to-date hand-printing guide—no single source explaining the tools and materials that are used today, or reflecting a contemporary aesthetic. Corwin has given us that guide. nbsp; Using step-by-step instructions and up-close photos, Corwin teaches crafters everything they need to know to master stamping, stenciling, and screen printing, from making their own printing devices to trouble-shooting when plans go awry. Her inimitable collection of projects ranges from stamped stationery and simple-to-sew pouches, to stenciled tote bags and furniture, to screen-printed bed linens and upholstery fabric. There’s even a silk-screened dog bed. The author has created original artwork for each project (full-size patterns are included in an envelope at the back of the book), so that every crafter can achieve the same beautiful results. Or maybe not quite the same. Remember: It’s the subtle differences that make hand-printing so special and alluring».

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