dimanche 25 juillet 2010

ILLUSTRATION: How to Draw Wizards...

Découvrez le livre de 128 pages "How to Draw Wizards: Discover the Secrets to Drawing, Painting, and Illustrating a World of Sorcery" de John Rheaume, qui paraîtra en septembre 2010.

«The mystery and awe inspired by wizards and sorcery have captivated audiences for centuries. Now anyone can learn to bring these mythical characters to life through drawing and painting. How to Draw Wizards covers everything from rendering cauldrons and skulls to dungeons and forests. The book also contains several step-by-step projects featuring a mix of pencil, paint, and digital image-editing instruction, allowing you to replicate each scene in detail. An enchantress, a medicine man, a druid, and a necromancer merely scratch the surface of subjects in this enchanting title.
• Shows you how to bring to life an exciting array of characters, from traditional wizards to druids and evil sorcerers

• Offers instruction specific to drawing and painting mythical worlds

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