mercredi 21 juillet 2010

ILLUSTRATION: Digital Artist n°9

Le dernier numéro (n°9) de l'excellent magazine britannique Digital Artist est disponible à la vente en ligne ICI. A noter qu'il existe une version française depuis le mois dernier.

Avec au sommaire:
• Make a better portfolio now
• Top tips for presenting your work professionally
• Meet Jack Teagle: This upcoming illustrator tells us about his biggest show to date
• How Marc Aspinall is developing his own independent art and illustration house
• Apply textures to 3D models and use lighting and colour to create photorealistic artwork
• Learn how to collage photos and paint over in Photoshop
• In depth: Combine coloured pencil art with inking in Corel Painter
• FREE disc includes: Tutorial files, stock photos, brushes and video tutorials

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