dimanche 25 juillet 2010

ILLUSTRATION: Caroline Jayne Church

Découvrez l'illustratrice Caroline Jayne Church. Pour plus d'illustrations, voir HAPPYSPACES.

She said: «I was born in a village just outside Oxford and in the early eighties moved to London to study Graphic Design at Middlesex University. After having worked in several advertising agencies I soon realized I needed to follow a different path. Starting as a freelance illustrator I slowly managed to build up a portfolio of published work. I began to specialize in children's publishing and have illustrated over seventy titles to date, some of which have been nominated for and won children's book awards. My work is published worldwide and has been published in more than eight different languages. I beaver away in my studio in central Farnham, Surrey- but try to spend as much time outside as possible, either with my dog or horses... I find it helps with the inspiration!».

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