dimanche 20 juin 2010

ILLUSTRATION: Digital Artist n°8

Le premier numéro en français, du célèbre magazine britannique Digital Artist, est actuellement en kiosque. La version anglaise en est quant à elle, à sa huitième édition, avec au sommaire du numéro 8 :
• Portrait lighting techniques: Discover how to use lighting, layer modes and local colours to create fresh, vibrant portraits
• Artwork on the iPad: In depth: Complete guide to creating art on Apple’s iPad
• How fonts are made: Inside the studio with independent foundry HandMadeFont
• Draw in Sketchbook Pro: Get to grips with the line art tools in this intuitive sketching program
• Design with silhouettes: Revamp silhouett-based artwork with bold colours and halftone fills
• FREE disc includes: Tutorial files, stock photos, brushes and video tutorials.

«Digital Artist is the perfect magazine for anyone who uses their computer as a canvas. It is the only community-focussed magazine to cover all art styles and all art software, making each issue a medley of breathtaking images to inspire you to create your own. Digital Artist works on two levels. On a practical level, it has tutorials and guides. These show you how to re-create an image and learn a specific skill, whether it’s how to use a particular piece of software, or how to paint a certain effect. The magazine also has an extensive Q&A section, including a dedicated area to teaching fundamental art theory such as composition, perspective and tonal values. Whatever your skill level, you will plenty of new ideas to try. On another level, Digital Artist is an inspirational title that celebrates the digital art community. It reports on new artists and the projects they are working on, in addition to including interviews, features and galleries to show the diverse range of work being produced. Each issue also comes with a free CD that is packed with digital art resources, such as video tutorials, brushes, papers and reference photos. Whether you create digital art or just appreciate the people who do, Digital Artist has loads to fuel your imagination!».

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