dimanche 20 juin 2010

ILLUSTRATION: BetweenCreation

BetweenCreation is a social networking site for artists, designed to promote emerging artists and connect them with each other and with art lovers and buyers worldwide. It's free, it's fun and we're on there, so why not sign up at www.betweencreation.com, chat to other artists, see listings of worldwide events and showcase your art?
What is BetweenCreation?
BetweenCreation is a new way to enjoy art. BetweenCreation is a social network that seeks to promote emerging art worldwide. It's simple. Create an account, start uploading your artwork or find out the latest events and activity of other interesting artists.

At BetweenCreation we aim to:
1. Help artists develop their career by letting them publish and sell their artwork
2. Connect artists and increase possibilities of them working together
3. Promote artists/galleries, by giving them space to post the latest events
4. Assist art lovers to find interesting artists and fascinating events to attend, in their city or the rest of the world.
• Share your Artwork: You can upload your artwork and share it to the whole BetweenCreation Community. Click the big purple upload button and 'Voila' people will be seeing, commenting and sharing your artwork.
• Discover: BetweenCreation has some features that will let you discover artists, artwork and events you may be interested in. Visit Discover Users and find the most active, popular and newest users. Or maybe you can just watch the recent activity footer to be up to date on the latest artwork and events on BetweenCreation.

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