samedi 16 mai 2009

CRAFT: Re-Bound...

Découvrez le livre de 144 pages "Re-Bound - Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials" (250 photos/illustrations), de Jeannine Stein qui paraîtra en juillet 2009.

«Re-Bound shows readers how to take every day materials from around the house, flea markets and thrift stores, and hardware and office supply stores, and turn them into fabulous books. Instead of saying, What can I make a book out of, readers will be thinking, What cant I make a book out of? In Re-Bound, a vintage souvenir wallet becomes a photo album. Last years trendy sweater becomes a takealong journal. Even potato chip bags get a second life as a handy pocket notebook. This fun pursuit is economical as well as ecological. A variety of attractive, uncomplicated bindings, how-to instructions, and step-outs bring each project to life. Jeannine Stein (Los Angeles, CA) has been making books for more than 15 years, exploring bindings, mediums, and techniques».

Living in USA, please use this LINK to buy this book.
Living in Canada, please use this LINK to buy this book.

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