vendredi 10 avril 2009

DESIGN: Concours de design

Concours de design : la création d'un luminaire (lampe... sur pied, plafonnier, etc.). Plus d'infos ICI. Attention, c'est en allemand! Date limite de participation : 30 avril 2009.

(exemple de BAB a bricoleuse)
«If you love design and good ideas, then take part in this great design competition organised by Das Rote Paket! The task: Create and build a “ready made light”! Your lamp should be made of prefabricated parts. It doesn’t matter if it is a floor lamp, pendant or chandelier provided that the costs for all parts do not exceed 40 Euros. And it should be possible for others to replicate the lamp. The price: Of course you’ll get fame and reputation among the internet community, but it is also fun and makes you feel good to be a lamp designer! If that is not enough, you might be the happy winner of an extraordinary, original sausage rug WURSTTEPPICH, a Das rote Paket shopping voucher or at least a little surprise … Get your creative juices flowing! The deadline is 30th of April 2009. The best designs will be showed on the style files of course!».

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