dimanche 2 novembre 2008

ILLUSTRATION: Amanda Gordon Miller

Découvrez l'illustratrice Amanda Gordon Miller, qui utilise les techniques de gravure pour ses illustrations. Elle expose de nombreuses illustrations dans sa boutique en ligne à Etsy. Pour plus d'illustrations, il y a son blog et son site. Elle habite Baltimore, aux USA.

«This print is hand-pulled from a woodblock that I carved by hand. It is printed with Akua Intaglio ink on hosho, fine Japanese printmaking paper. It is signed by the artist and labeled out of a limited edition of 25».

She writes: «I'm a Baltimore-based printmaker working in my home studio. Though I have a background in traditional printmaking, I’m now committed to non-toxic or less-toxic, experimental printmaking methods, which are safer for me, my family and the environment. My recent works are gelatin monotypes, created from hand-cut stencils and printed from a gelatin "plate", and woodcuts, printed from blocks that I have designed and carved by hand. Every piece is hand-printed in layers. I grew up in New Jersey (and Indiana before that, and Illinois before that). I went to Syracuse University, and I teach art classes at two community colleges».

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