mercredi 12 novembre 2008

ANIMATION: Thinking Animation...

Découvrez le livre de 368 pages "Thinking Animation: Bridging the Path Between 2d And CG" de Angie Jones et Jamie Oliff, paru en juillet 2006.

«Angie Jones began her animation career at a San Diego studio of over 150 traditional animators. As a female animator, she was a novelty. Even rarer at this traditional studio was her willingness to create animation with a computer. Although she was trained at a fine art school, she readily embraced the computer and for the past ten years she has worked on several productions, including "Stuart Little 2"...
Jamie Oliff was trained in classical animation at Sheridan College of Art and Design and has worked in the animation industry for more than 20 years. An award-winning director and long time feature film animator, his credits include the first season of "The Ren and Stimpy Show",
and many feature-length animated pictures such as "Hunchback of Notre Dame", "Mulan", "Hercules", "The Emperor's New Groove", and CGI animation on titles ranging from "Kangaroo Jack" to "Scooby Doo Too and National Treasure"».

Living in USA, please use this LINK to buy this book.
Living in Canada, please use this LINK to buy this book.

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