mardi 4 novembre 2008


Ce film d'animation de Marc F. Adler et Jason Maurer est prévu en salle le 12 décembre 2008.

Synopsis : (sorry, c'est en anglais!!) «The land of Jhamora is torn apart by the mutual prejudice of two peoples—the winged Nohrin, masters of the skies, and the terrestrial Lockni, who harness the mystical powers of the land. When Delgo, a reckless Lockni teenager, forms a forbidden friendship with the spunky Nohrin Princess Kyla, hostilities between the two peoples escalate, setting the stage for an exiled Empress to exact her revenge and reclaim her rule. Falsely imprisoned, Delgo and his faint-hearted best friend, Filo , must put aside differences to join forces with a sworn enemy and travel to the mysterious land of Perran, where they discover more than just a scorned Empress and her two bumbling servants».

•• Delgo - bande-annonce en anglais - 2:16 ••

Si le film n'apparaît pas, cliquez ICI, la qualité du film n'en sera que meilleure!

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