samedi 13 septembre 2008


«Designer Heinke Breuer’s Nostalgic Images of Berlin»: Heinke Breuer's camera captures the ephemeral charm of former East Berlin. She is now achieving commercial success by selling her images as pictures and breakfast boards.
J'ai découvert l'artiste/photographe Heinke Breuer en regardant CHIC, émission diffusée tous les jours (sauf dimanche) sur Arte à 13h30, et présentée par Eglantine Eméyé. Heinke Breuer diffuse ses photos de Berlin Est sur des lampes (photo ci-dessous), des cartes postales, des plateaux de petit déjeuner, des tapis de souris, des toiles, etc. Dans le reportage, on la voit également vendre ses créations sur l'un des vingt marchés aux puces de Berlin où de nombreux artistes présentent et vendent leurs créations. Elle a créé sa propre marque : Berliner Töchter et a également pignon sur rue, grâce à sa boutique.

"Designer Heinke Breuer has a "life" hanging on the wall of her shop. Not the wonderful, fantastic life that everyone would like to have, but a picture of a blue, slightly dilapidated sign depicting the word "Leben" (life), a sign that hung for many long years on the front of an old building on Machlewski-Strasse in the eastern part of Berlin. You can also see a "Wunder" (meaning "wonder" or "miracle") hanging right next to it - another sign that's a bit worse for wear. But for the 40-year-old designer who managed to track down and photograph these subjects, it is another unexpected sales success - for she is now selling these images both as pictures and as typically German breakfast boards. This success was unexpected, for it has taken sharp-eyed photographers like Breuer to bring these images of Berlin to the light of day and to the attention of locals and tourists. Thanks to her, "Leben" and "Wunder" are two of the most well-known and nostalgic images of Berlin street scenes available. Thas been capturing and preserving numerous beautiful and unusual subjects in her photographs since she first moved to her adopted city of Berlin in 1999. She started selling her pictures in 2002 - in flea markets, on the Internet and in more than twenty souvenir shops, bookstores and design shops - with growing success. Indeed, for the last two years, she has earned enough to support herself and her two daughters, both of them "real" Berliners. Breuer's daughters are the reason why she named her label Berliner Töchter. The designer has gradually transferred all her images to canvas before stretching them out on frames, or laminated the photos on to thin breakfast boards for people to eat their "Schrippen" - the bread rolls that are typical of Berlin".

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