jeudi 14 août 2008

ILLUSTRATION: Caffeine for the Creative Mind...

Découvrez le livre de 360 pages "Caffeine for the Creative Mind, 250 Exercices to Wake Up Your Brain" de Stefan Mumaw et Wendy Lee Oldfield, paru en décembre 2006.

«Chock-full of useful 15-minute exercises designed to help readers tap into a daily creative buzz. Appeals to anyone looking for easy ways to jump start their creativity. For any designer or creative type who wants to quickly limber up their imagination on a daily basis, Wired helps readers get into the creative zone, from which all their best work springs. Packed with 15-minute simple and conceptual exercises, this guide will have readers reaching for markers, pencils, digital cameras, and more in order to develop a working and productive creative mindset».

Living in USA, please use this LINK to buy this book.
Living in Canada, please use this LINK to buy this book.

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