vendredi 20 juillet 2007

ILLUSTRATION: "Juira Bush" Art Contest

Juira Bush Art Contest. Juira is a popular expression used in Argentina and other countries of Latin America when someone or something is very troublesome. The aim of the contest is to create a visual and creative wall in opposition to the political ones implemented by Bush in the entire world. Beside person declares it "non grata" in the whole Latin America. The contest is open wordwide, the only requirement is that any text in the images or animations have to be in Spanish. The works must have a measurement of 450 x 450 px to 72 dpi of resolution, .jpg format, for animations use .swf format in equal measurements not overcoming the 3 MB of weight. No entry fee. Deadline: no deadline

Si vous détestez Bush et sa politique "envahissante", ce concours d'illustration est pour vous. Y'a rien à gagner, juste à s'exprimer!!

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