samedi 21 juillet 2007

WEB: "You are here" magazine

YOU ARE HERE is a biweekly free magazine about teenagers and their interest, reflecting todays’ lifestyles through their perspective, from “Siam Square”, the center of hip teens in Thailand. Available on 5th and 20th every month at cool and trendy shops in Siam Square and nearby area. Or download previous and current issues of YOU ARE HERE E-Magazine (PDF) at e-mag page.
history: The first issue was out at the late November 2004 and our next issues have been published continuously since then. In Issue 30, YOU ARE HERE started developing its structure and contents for deeper and wider diversity. It was the first bilingual issue of YOU ARE HERE. In May 2006, was established to expand the coverage of perception possibility from Siam Square to the worldwide network.
Download the last issue (14.6 MB).

"YOU ARE HERE" magazine, est un magazine papier distribué dans les boutiques branchées de Siam Square (en Thaïlande) à destination des adolescents, et également en version Acrobat PDF (anglais et thai) sur le Net. Les numéros antérieurs au numéro 30 ne sont pas traduits en anglais. Il et publié deux fois par mois, le 5 et le 20 de chaque mois.
Page des numéros disponibles.
Téléchargez le dernier numéro (le n°59 - photo ci-dessus - 14.6 Mo).

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