samedi 30 juin 2007

ILLUSTRATION: Licensing Art 101

This comprehensive handbook guides readers step-by-step through the licensing and publishing industry. It contains a wealth of ideas and practical examples of how to increase income through licensing reproduction rights to manufacturers and publishers of greeting cards, posters, calendars, and more. This book provides assistance from an expert, allowing readers to educate themselves and gain a competitive edge. Readers learn about: negotiating fees, exhibiting in trade shows, protecting their rights, and more. Over three hundred professional contacts are listed.
Living in USA, please use this link to buy Licensing Art 101.

"Licensing Art 101: Publishing and Licensing Artwork for Profit", de Michael Woodward. Parution le 03 juillet prochain.
Déjà la troisième édition de cet excellent livre qui vous donne toutes les infos et adresses pour vendre vos illustrations sur différents supports.

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