samedi 23 juin 2007

ILLUSTRATION: Groupes de discussion

Se joindre à un groupe de discussion peut être utile à votre carrière d'ilustrateur(trice). Les groupes ci-dessous sont en anglais et concernent les secteurs de l'illustration pour enfants, l'illustration de cartes de voeux, l'illustration en générale, et les auteurs et illustrateurs européens de livres d'enfants.

619 Members, Archives: Membership required
Discussion group for illustrators who create art, or want to create art, for any/all kids markets. This includes books, magazines, greeting cards, advertising, the gift industry, animation, whatever... any market that buys or commissions art for kids products. If you illustrate for kids or want to illustrate for kids, then you are welcomed to join this group. We are here to discuss any topic that relates, regardless of how loosely, to the business of creating art for any/all kids markets.

740 Members, Archives: Membership required
A group for Illustrators and Artist's who illustrate in the Greeting Card Market. Also surface design, and children's book/kids mags and rubber stamp illustrators though all are welcomed here on the list! We are a very friendly and informative bunch working in many different mediums.Topics often include marketing and self promotion, tips and techniques, client experiences, etc.

1593 Members, Archives: Membership required
Forum for illustrators to discuss media, techniques, marketing and promotion, and anything else loosely pertaining to the practice of illustration.

Kids writers and illustrators
34 Members, Archives: Membership required
This group is to be a gathering of starting writers and illustrators for children's books, who are based in Europe. Although there is a host of information about the American children's book market, there is much less available about the European side. It would be nice to exchange information about what publishers are accepting new submissions, best practices for marketing your work, how to make a professional-looking dummy, critique each other's work and any other topics.

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